"30 Days of Dumbbells Workouts" eBook

"30 Days of Dumbbells Workouts" eBook

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This ultimate 30 workout programme is designed by the founder of KRATOS Nutrition and head coach of The Athlete Program, Mike Catris.

This program will give you everything you need to get fitter, stronger and faster with nothing but your body, a jump rope and a pair of dumbbells.

Having travelled the globe as a coach, Mike has often had to adapt his own training based on kit limitation. So this program was put together using the most universal piece of equipment imaginable - the Dumbbell.

Dumbbells can be found almost anywhere, be that a hotel gym, a Globo gym, a CrossFit box or a leisure centre. This program is not an easy set of workouts, it is designed for those looking to get good results and see genuine improvements in performance despite limited equipment.

As an athlete, Mike has competed at CrossFit Regionals as well as making the podium in four CrossFit Sanctionals.

As a coach, Mike has coached numerous athletes at the peak the sport including 15 CrossFit Games athletes and numerous CrossFit Regional and Sanctional athletes.

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