Kratos RX'D Fuel RX'D 900g

Kratos RX'D Fuel RX'D 900g

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Fuel RX’d

Fuel RX’d gives you everything you need to squeeze out that extra rep, to shave off those few important seconds and to get that new PB. It is specifically designed to maximise power and strength gains, to promote focus and intensity throughout workouts, to support overall endurance and energy levels and to help accelerate muscle recovery between rounds.


Per 30g serving
7.2g Protein
14.1g Carbohydrate
5g creatine
3g beta Alanine
3g Citrulline Malate
3g Taurine

Electrolytes, caffeine, tyrosine, green tea extract, 50% RDA vitamins and minerals and digestive enzymes.

KRATOS RX’d prides itself on being the only range of nutritional supplements in the industry that is specifically designed and developed by CrossFitters, for CrossFitters.

14.1g Essential Carbohydrate Matrix – Before any taxing workout your body needs fuel. KRATOS RX’d Essential Carbohydrate Matrix will prevent your body breaking down your muscles to create energy, giving you all the energy you need to complete even the most gruelling workout in record time.

Fortified Electrolyte Complex – KRATOS RX’d Fortified Electrolyte Complex contains specifically calculated quantities of Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus with added Vitamin E to create an isotonic environment in the body promoting proper rehydration, which is important in delaying the onset of fatigue during exercise.

5g Pure Creatine Monohydrate – Supplementing with Creatine Monohydrate has been scientifically proven to, increase muscular energy, increase muscular endurance, increase strength and power and increase lean muscle mass.

3g Beta Alanine – Along with boosting strength and power output and increasing lean muscle mass, supplementing with Beta Alanine has been scientifically proven to increase muscular anaerobic endurance, improve aerobic endurance, increase exercise capacity so you are able to train harder and longer and to delay the onset of muscular fatigue.

KRATOS RX’d NO and Mental Clarity Complex – KRATOS RX’d NO and Mental Clarity Complex contains 3g Citrulline Malate and 3g Taurine, both of which drastically enhance aerobic performance, they also naturally help promote the production of nitric oxide in the body and aid in mental clarity and focus during workouts.

FUEL RX’d Muscular Contraction and Energy Formula - FUEL RX’d Muscular Contraction and Energy Formula contains a 150mg combination of Caffeine, Tyrosine and Green Tea Extract in optimum levels for performance. This formula is specifically designed to enhance the contractility of skeletal and cardiac muscle, enhance energy, increase exercise performance in anaerobic activities, increase metabolic function and enhance recovery.

Multivitamin and Mineral Formula – Providing 50% of your RDA of multi vitamins and minerals which will help to increase energy levels, improve muscular endurance, increase aerobic capacity and enhance recovery Digestive Enzymes - Added digestive enzymes in Fuel RX’d allow all of the nutrients in this formula to be absorbed as efficiently as possible. These enzymes are also proven to digest proteins, assimilate fats, increase energy and reduce bacteria.

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With climate change fast becoming a reality, we wanted to make sure that we are part of the solution and not the problem. That is why, we have created our ONE ORDER = ONE TREE initiative. For every order that is placed on our website we will plant one tree for the purpose of reforestation, agroforestry and reducing extreme poverty for local villagers.

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