Top 5 Tips for Recovery in CrossFit

Top 5 Tips for Recovery in CrossFit

Top 5 Tips for Recovery in CrossFit

Although most athletes all know the importance of recovery, it’s often the most disregarded aspect of training. The body repairs and strengthens itself in the time between workouts and continuous training can actually weaken even the strongest athletes. Rest days and taking time to recover are critical to sports performance in a variety of ways - some of which are psychological. But there are also a few techniques you can utilise to recover faster in between workouts.

Here are our top 5 tips for maximising your recovery.

  1. Dial-In Your Diet

We all understand the importance of watching what you’re eating but it’s definitely one still worth making. A good quality source of protein and carbohydrates will help you to promote recovery. It’s a simple equation, if you aren’t eating enough food to sustain your current level of fitness, your training will suffer and fatigue will creep in way sooner than expected. You put a lot of effort into your workouts, always looking to perform better and reach your goals. One of the best ways you can support this is with a good diet.

  1. Cooling Down After a Workout

Foam Rolling, Stretching, Scraping. These are all ways in which can try and cooldown after a workout. Cooling down after exercise is just as important as your warm-up and workout itself. Stopping immediately after strenuous exercises can have a detrimental effect on your recovery as an athlete, so make sure you dedicate some time to easing yourself out of an intense session. Stretching whilst you’re warm after a workout can improve your flexibility over time which in turn helps to prevent injury. It’s definitely not as sexy as a muscle-up but it’s as vital as any other part of your game.

  1. Dedicated Mobility Sessions

The idea of spending 20-30 minutes stretching sounds like a bit of tedious task. However, if you’re looking to remain as injury free as possible and able to perform at your best, it’s a necessary one. Not only that but by actively increasing your mobility you’ll find difficult positions such as the Overhead Squat and anything Gymnastic related to be just that little bit easier to do. There are some great apps out there which can get you started with a daily routine such as GOWOD and ROMWOD. Both apps give you a score based on your current level of mobility as well as some weak points to work on, along with a Warm-Up and Cool-Down function which is based on the work that you’re doing that day.

  1. Sleep

During your sleep your body prioritises repair functions to help you recover from a long day. Getting more sleep on a consistent basis (with a cheeky nap here and there) will help your body to recover faster and more effectively. We have an article on all the benefits which you should check out if you’re looking to up your sleep game.


A good Zinc & Magnesium such as ZM RXD will also help you get a deeper and better-quality sleep. Further improving the benefits of a good night’s rest.

  1. Supplementation

Getting the correct supplementation could be the edge you need in order to go from just placing at a competition to securing a spot on the podium. Recovery RXD has all the ingredients you could need for the most optimal recovery possible.

This Post WOD Recovery Matrix is designed specifically to accelerate muscle recovery immediately after your WOD, to promote re-hydration no matter how hard you work and to replenish the essential nutrients lost allowing you to grow and repair faster. What more could you want?