The Missing Piece to Your Squat Routine

The Missing Piece to Your Squat Routine

We've all been there.

Training hard, sticking to a program for weeks on end and after the initial success the improvements begin to slow down, or stop completely!

You've hit a plateau. 

In training this is a common occurrence and can be down to many factors, you could be over training (more likely under recovering), you could be lacking strength or stability in a certain position or you may simply have a mental block stopping you from pushing out any more weight. 

In the most recent episode of Whiteboard Wednesdays on our YouTube channel we discuss our favourite way to bust through a plateau in the squat. 

One of the things we see most often when people hit a plateau is that they will keep using the same exercise and just vary the reps and sets to adjust the stimulus. While this can be an effective technique - there is another way. 

Implementing single leg accessory work to help improve stability, strength and positioning as well as giving your body a new stimulus to adapt to. 

Our favourite lower body exercises are Tempo Bulgarian Split Squats and the Single Leg Split RDLs - these both allow for single leg development which will allow the athlete to reduce any strength imbalances as well as improve stability in the squat. Add in the fact that we love to do these exercises with kettlebells rather than a fixed barbell and you can add in even more stability and anti-rotational work (along with an extra bit of grip strength for good measure) and you're on to a winner. 

To watch the full routine including how to implement these exercises into your program give the video a watch. AND BE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE.