3 Ways to INSTANTLY Improve Your Rowing

3 Ways to INSTANTLY Improve Your Rowing

KRATOS Whiteboard Wednesday is BACK! This week we're looking at the Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine and what it takes to be a better indoor rower for functional fitness.

Rowing is becoming a bigger and bigger part of CrossFit WODs, appearing regularly in the CrossFit OPEN workouts and in the CrossFit Games.

It may not seem it compared to ring muscle ups or handstand holds, but rowing is also a skill!

If you're a CrossFitter searching for "how to row 1000m fast?" OR "the secret to a faster 2k?" - This article (and the subsequent YouTube video) aims to bring to light the reality of improving your rowing technique through 3 drills used by Olympic Silver Medalist and owner of Rowing WOD, Dr Cameron Nichol and help you better understand what it takes to improve!

Hopefully this can help you start getting the MOST out of your rowing workouts!

Give them a go and take your rowing to the next level!


1. Feet Out Rowing 

In this drill we put our feet into the footplates without strapping in, this will help improve our "connection with the machine" and allow us to continue to put power through our legs throughout the entirety of the stroke. 


2. Legs Only Rowing

Here, we focus solely on the leg drive portion of the stroke and generating power from our lower half. This allows us to maximise stroke efficiency and make sure we're not pulling with our arms or back too early in the stroke. 


3. Chinese Paddling

This drill is all about speed of recovery, teaching us how to pick up the pace without sacrificing shape and form. We do an exaggeratedly slow and controlled stoke and then focus on a fast, deliberate recovery.