3 Reasons You Should Be Taking Creatine

3 Reasons You Should Be Taking Creatine

There should be no doubt; Creatine is the undisputed king in the world of supplementation. This is likely due to the 700+ studies being conducted over the last 20 years which help us to understand it more than any other supplement on the market. Whilst it’s importance in an athlete’s diet cannot be understated, there are still some people who need convincing and some that just want to know more about it. That’s where this article comes into play. Here are 3 reasons you should be taking Creatine:

  1. It Improves Aerobic Capacity & Recovery

The most discussed aspect of Creatine is its ability to improve strength and muscle gain. Although this is always a plus; for CrossFit, the most important benefit is its ability to enhance glycogen stores which in turn help you perform better in Endurance based exercise.

A study published in Life Sciences found that athletes who supplemented with creatine five days before a 30-kilometer race had significantly lower markers of inflammation and muscle soreness following the race. And despite the myths about creatine, none of the runners in the study experienced any side effects such as cramping or dehydration.

It won’t make the assault bike hurt less, but it will help you stay on it just that bit longer (as much as you might not want to).

  1. It Increases Lean Muscle Mass, Maximal Strength and Power Output

One of the trademarks of Creatine Monohydrate is its ability to help an athlete build lean muscle. A 2003 Study by Richard Kreider showed a 5-15% increase in maximal strength power followed by another study which showed that even in athletes with 6 years of training experience, Creatine supplementation resulted in an increase of 30% increase in repetitions on the Bench Press.

The conclusion we can draw from this is that considering the strong link between training volume and hypertrophy, being able to perform more work should translate to more muscle over time.

  1. Creatine Increases Bone Mineral Density

We’ve all heard the stories of someone we know snapping something during a max clean and jerk. Nothing makes you cringe more than the thought of breaking your wrist in that kind of situation. Luckily, when combined with weight training, creatine has demonstrated that it can help promote greater increases in mineral content when compared with resistance training on its own. Whilst bone health might not be concern now, supplementing it now could help as a preventative action further down your training age.

If you’re wondering where you can find Creatine, we have included five grams in both Fuel RXD and Recovery RXD, along with some other ingredients to help you maximise your results. The variety of benefits that Creatine provides will help you in every aspect of your performance no matter what you’re training for, so capitalise on this whilst you can!